How you can be a How To Guru

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How you can be a How To Guru

Post  BeccaAttfield on Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:19 pm

Hey everyone!

I'm Becca from the Community Ra&edio team and I'll be taking care of this 'How To' guide.

The idea is to come up with advice on lots of different topics for those of you who maybe have just started in voluntary radio and want some tips on getting your presenting career and show started, or for those of you who maybe have a bit of experience and are looking for a few ideas on how to improve your output.

In this forum I will be posting up the guides we're working on so can contribute your ideas to it as its compiled . So whether you're a veteran radio presenter/producer, or if you've only got a bit of experience... if you have some tips then post them here or tweet them to us @communityraedio.

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